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The following is a brief history of Analog & Digital Electronics.

Since 1993, from the creation of Analog & Digital Electronics Corp., we focus in the Electronic Design of non-standard equipment (custom), installation and fixing electronic equipment. Communications, microprocessors, analog and digital designs and applications are some of the job done including industrial electronic equipment and improvement in several ways.

Later in 2003 with the creation of ADE Communications Inc. we continue our job in application, design and installation of Digital Displays, Security Systems (Cameras, Access Control and Alarms). The automation for Industrial applications and fix industrial equipment was our area of expertise.
spot In 2009 we create Spotfinder Corp. with a dba ADE. We work in Home Automation for Hi End Systems using the latest technologies with Apple Computers and Stand Alone Systems.
We project and installing IP security systems for CCTV with large amount of cameras and the newest NVR covering up to 45 spots with remote access through the Internet.

We Project and installing access control networked systems with door strikes, shearlocks and maglocks using Radio keys, Fobs and finger readers.
We also work on the automation of commercial AC systems for large buildings in Miami Beach areas.