About ADE

My name is Jose L. Machin. I was born in Cienfuegos Cuba. I was graduated of Electronic Engineer in 1975. My first employment was in Industria Electronica, Desarrollo de Audio y Sonido as Designer of audio systems. In 1979 I start a new job in EDAI Nacional (Sugar Industry Automation Company) as Designer Engineer. I started working with Microprocessors in the automation of raw sugar weighing system. In 1983 I was the Department Chief Engineer until 1992.
Once in Miami I was working in City Beepers as technician for 2 years, after that I start my own company. I was working in the design of electronic equipment like encoders for pagers, sensor for level automation and control, microprocessor circuits for rf signals control, digital LED display controller, computers and network systems, CCTV and alarm systems and phone systems.
Actually I work with access control system from Securakey, Keri Systems, Honeywell, CDVI, Transcore, Liftmaster and others.

The name Spotfinder was created for an idea to automation of parking lots, the idea is up and we are working on it, but anyway ADE (Analog & Digital Electronics) is my brand name.